How Much Should I Partition For Windows On A Mac To Run Autocad


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Solution: Yes, AutoCAD licenses may be used interchangeably with Windows or Mac machines, complying to Activation limitations. If you have purchased or subscribed to 2012 (or later) versions of AutoCAD or AutoCAD for Mac you are entitled to cross-licensing between products of. Want to run vmware fusion as most of programs to be used are windows xp based. Essentially, need to make small 60 minute film using Avid Xpress. Also will run: autocad2006, adobe creative suite2, and office2007. How much virtual memory hard disc should be allocated for this? Realizing that these programs are intensive.

  • Finally, if you’re using an iMac Pro or Mac Pro with 128GB of system memory (RAM) or more, your startup disk must have at least as much free space as your Mac has RAM. Step 2: Buy a copy of.
  • However, if you already have Windows installed as a Boot Camp partition, VMware Fusion can easily create a Windows virtual machine based on your Boot Camp Windows installation. This will allow you to run Windows programs side-by-side with your Mac applications without having to reboot your Mac.
  • There are basically two ways to disk partition your Mac: First is using Bootcamp and other is with the help of Disk utility. Let’s discuss both of these ways in detail. If you’re willing to run Windows on your Mac, then this happens to be one of the most simple and powerful ways to partition hard drive on Mac.
Jun 10, 2012
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Your Mac's Specs
MacBook Pro 2011
Hi, the thread subject pretty much says it. Restarting my Mac does not show the Bootcamp partition like it normally does. It worked fine about a week ago.
I'm not too technically savvy so I stay away from meddling with the partitions. The only thing I remember doing in the last week was repairing my Mac partition disk by restarting using cmd+r, because I was advised to repair the disk by Onyx. But this would not have anything to do with the Windows partition would it?
I'm using a 2011 Mac running Mavericks and Windows 7
Every article I found related to a 'missing Windows partition' was when people tried shrinking or re-adjusting the partition size, I've never done this.
If there's no other choice, I don't mind losing the data on my Windows partition if this can prevent having to re-create and reinstall a Windows partition (though I get the feeling losing data in the Windows partition goes hand in hand with pretty much losing the whole partition itself :l )

Users running ArcGIS Pro on a Mac can leverage Esri Technical Support for questions and troubleshooting. However, all troubleshooting for defects is only performed against certified Windows systems.

Boot Camp allows you to install Windows Desktop OS on a hard disk partition on the Mac hard drive. This allows ArcGIS Pro to run natively on a Windows partition on the Mac. Configuring ArcGIS Pro through Boot Camp is described below, after the minimum hardware requirements.


Running ArcGIS Pro 2.3 and later on a Windows virtual machine (VM) on MacOS requires Parallels version 15 or later. Earlier versions of Parallels are not recommended with ArcGIS Pro.

Minimum hardware requirements

How Much Should I Partition For Windows On A Mac To Run Autocad Free

To use ArcGIS Pro on a Mac, a contemporary Mac (MacBook Pro, iMac, or Mac Pro) with a quad-core Intel processor, 256 GB storage, and 8 GB RAM or more is required.

How Much Should I Partition For Windows On A Mac To Run Autocad

Macs with non-Intel processors are not compatible.

RunHow Much Should I Partition For Windows On A Mac To Run Autocad

For hardware requirements for the host machine, see the ArcGIS Pro system requirements. If you cannot view all the specifications for the host machine, you can use the Can You Run It utility to check your system's hardware.

Run ArcGIS Pro natively on a Windows partition (Boot Camp)

Boot Camp allows you to install Windows in a dedicated hard disk partition on your Mac. In this configuration, Windows runs natively, accessing the Mac hardware directly. You can access Windows by restarting your Mac and pressing and holding the Option key while selecting the disk partition that contains your Windows operating system.

The limitation is that you cannot access macOS and its applications at the same time. To access Windows and macOS, you must restart your Mac.

To run ArcGIS Pro in Windows installed natively with Boot Camp, you need your ArcGIS Pro installation files and a Windows installation DVD or disc image (.iso), if you haven't already set up Boot Camp.

The Boot Camp Assistant helps you install Windows in a dedicated hard disk partition. You can access the Assistant from the Utilities folder in the Applications folder in macOS. For more information about Boot Camp, see Apple's Support site.

How Much Should I Partition For Windows On A Mac To Run Autocad software

How Much Should I Partition For Windows On A Mac To Run Autocad 2020


Run ArcGIS Pro in a virtual environment

ArcGIS Pro can also run in a virtual environment such as Parallels. This allows you to run Windows without creating a partition on your machine.

Recommended settings for Parallels

To run ArcGIS Pro with Parallels version 15, the following are recommended:

How Much Should I Partition For Windows On A Mac To Run Autocad For Free

  • Run the Mojave operating system or later.
  • Disable the Auto graphics switching option in the Mac system settings and Parallels.
  • Set the GPU memory assignment to Auto.
  • Assign at least 2 virtual CPUs to the machine.

How Much Should I Partition For Windows On A Mac To Run Autocad 2016

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