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I have submitted a support ticket and received a response. I was instructed to download a Crossover 17 beta 3 file (presumably the same one referenced in a similar thread for Quicken 2017), install and launch, wait for it to update the bottles, and then reinstall Quicken. All of this worked fine and I can get into Quicken now but I cannot download information to update my accounts. I get a message asking for my Intuit ID and then an error.
Codeweavers indicated that a new version with this problem fixed will be out in October. They did not cause the problem, and I am thankful for a workaround so I can at least open Quicken, but entering all of my transactions manually takes a lot of time.
My next idea was to install Quicken 2015 under Windows and create a Quicken ID, hoping that I could use the file from Windows to get past the prompt to create an ID on Linux. Everything worked under Windows 7. I updated Quicken on Linux with the Mondo patch and tried to use the file from Windows. That did not work either as I get a fatal error as soon as I try to open the file.
I need for Quicken to be fully functional so I have ordered Quicken 2017. The last entry in the thread under that version has a procedure that the author says makes everything work. Using the new Quicken and the procedure from the post will be my next step.

Installing and Updating (Mac) Find help for installing Quicken, upgrades, updates, reinstall, and more. Can Quicken Essentials 1.7.4 be converted to operate on MacOS Big Sur? Is Quicken compatible with Mac's Big Sur? Message - 'Do you want to use Quicken Cloud to securely import your Quicken 2007 file'? Single-click upgrade from Quicken Windows to Quicken Mac: Convert from Quicken Windows to Quicken Mac in one click (excludes version from Mac App Store) Do it all right from your Mac (no Windows required) Easily import data from Quicken Mac 2015, Quicken Mac 2007, and Quicken Essentials with just one click. If you had a copy of Quicken 2015, for example, you would no longer get updates or support after 2018. Since 2018, Quicken has switched to a yearly subscription model. Instead of upgrading once every 3 years, users now have to renew every year to use the program.

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Venerable financial software Quicken is ready to help you with all of your newest accounting needs. Intuit on Thursday announced the release of Quicken 2015 for Mac, the latest update to the long-running app for tracking your personal finances.

Highlights of the new version are a simplified interface designed ground-up for the Mac and new features related to keeping track of investment portfolios. The latter allows for users to create Schedule D tax reports for capital gains, making things easy when April 15 rolls around.

Lest you think that finances haven’t yet entered the 21st century, Intuit is also offering a free mobile app for iOS and Android that works with Quicken for Mac, allowing you to photograph and keep track of your receipts while you’re on the go. You can also use the mobile app to keep tabs on your finances, check account balances, view budgets, see transactions, and more.

Quicken for Mac 2015 supports more than 14,500 banks, credit cards, and loan and investment accounts, presenting them all in a unified interface that lets you get a single top-down view of your finances. And, if you’re a user of Quicken Essentials for Mac, Quicken Mac 2007, or Quicken 2010 for Windows or later, you can easily import your data from any of those apps into Quicken for Mac 2015.

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  1. The Quicken Mac product team is hard at work on upcoming patch releases to fix issues reported by 2015 and 2016 users. Future patch releases will include: Enhancements and fixes to the Bill Pay.
  2. Venerable financial software Quicken is ready to help you with all of your newest accounting needs. Intuit on Thursday announced the release of Quicken 2015 for Mac, the latest update to the long.

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That’s not to say that the app has complete parity with either its predecessor, Quicken 2007, or with Quicken Premier for Windows. Among the missing features in Quicken 2015 are native bill payment, a calendar view of bills and transactions, paycheck deduction tracking, and more. Intuit has posted a feature comparison along with an opportunity for users to vote on which feature they’d most like to see added. (Apparently “all of them” is not currently an option.)

Intuit earned some ire from its customers a couple years ago: The company was slow to adapt Quicken 2007 to Intel Macs, leading to problems when OS X Lion removed the Rosetta compatibility system that allowed PowerPC-based apps to run. The company eventually released a patch to update the software.

The new version, which is available from Intuit, the Mac App Store, and Amazon is available for $75; it’ll go on sale at retail locations in October.

Updated at 11:10 a.m. ET with more information on missing features and Intuit’s voting process.

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