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Primary Developers: Gleeok, Grayswandir, Venrob, ZoriaRPG

The latest, and final version of ZC in the 2.50.x branch, replacing 2.50.3.

Change Log Source CodeZCLaunch Source Code

Sorting Options (currently: Highest Rated) Finding Wallpapers All Sub-Categories. 0 - Video Game - The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. 300 338,287 83 2. 1920x1200 - Video Game - The Legend Of Zelda. 162 69,220 15 0. The game is a very Zelda style experience and features a unique world for players to explore. Anodyne was originally released at the start of 2013 on Windows and Mac with Android and iOS releases coming sometime after.Read Review. The Mac may not get the biggest blockbusters, but you can play many of the best indie hits on your MacBook or iMac.

Quests made in 2.53 will play in 2.50.0, 2.50.1, 2.50.2, and 2.55–however, player versions prior to 2.53 may not properly play a quest made using 2.53, depending on quest rules, and ZScript usage. 2.53 will properly play all quests made using 2.50.0, 2.50.1, and 2.50.2.

Long-term support for four years from the published date of the release build.

Zelda Classic, v2.53 Long Term Support Edition

Release 2

17th April, 2019 (21:11GMT).

Primary Developers: Venrob, ZoriaRPG

A preliminary build package of 2.53.1, for the 20th Anniversary ‘6th Quest’ Contest


This package includes new features including modular data packages (.ztile, .znpc, .zcombo, .zitem, .zdmap, .zalias), GUI skins, support for multiple .sav files, a new version of ZCL to set the current skins and the current save file, and a lot of bugfixes and improvements. Once 6th.qst is done, it will be packaged with this build alongside a new blank quest with Z1 maps pre-set-up and all of the Classic.zh elements pre-configured. This build will replace 2.53.0 Release 2 in December 2019 or January 2020 to mark the 20th Anniversary of Zelda Classic! Furthermore, this is the first version of ZC that bundles a standalone version of DXGL, that you may enable, disable, and configure direct from ZCLaunch.

2.53.0 Release 3 (Preliminary) is updated very regularly, so check back often to ensue that you remain current!

Change Log Source CodeZCLaunch Source Code


Zelda Classic 2.53.1, Pre-release package for 20th Anniversary, 6th-Quest Contest

Updated on 23rd November, 2020 @ 22:57 GMT

  • Disabled header guard due to bugs.
  • Updated Allegro to v4.4.4.
  • Added a special colour (teal) to water combos when drowning is off.
  • Fixed Linux console using Debian.
  • Add forced NULL terminator to pointers passed to TraceS().
  • Added 'Snap to Grid' to FFC Right Click contextual menu.
  • Raised max deaths count from 999 to 65535.
  • Updated package with classic.zh v1.13, fixing a compiling error.
  • Find the B52s Easter Egg.
  • Added Quest->Rules->Pick Ruleset to ZQ menus.
  • Updated classic.zh to v 1.12. The ChangeRoomGuy script now ignores NPC_FIRE.
  • <std 1.5013> Added sanity guard on SetLayerCombo/GetLayerCombo functions.
  • Rewrote the MIDI Patch Fix to work properly on modern (Post-XP) Windows.
  • Added Fullsceen confirmation warning, backported from 2.55.
  • Fixed error messages for invald GOTO type instructions.
  • Fixed possible crash on invalid gotos from logging args order.
  • Epilepsy Protection is now set when you launch a NEW INSTALL of ZC, immediately prior to loaing the player interface.
  • Reduced the amplitude of screen wave effects when epilepsy protection is enabled.
  • Added a ZQE hotkey for '?' that opens the version info display.
  • Added an emulation flag '2.10 Hammer Upward Reach'.
  • Implemented a request from ShadowTiger, whereby when you edit a DMap, and select a map tile, when you go to edit further DMap map tiles within the same session, the DMap editor will remember the last tile that you used.
  • Header Guard for the ZScript compiler is now defaulted to off.
  • Added the following configs to ZQuest: PreFillTileEditorPage = (0 1), PreFillComboEditorPage = (0 1), PreFillMapTilePage = (0 1).
  • Don't allow taking ZC GUI snapshot, with menu open, with wonky colours.
  • ZC GUI snapshot (Shift+F12) uses correct game colours, as long as the menu isn't active.
  • Allow taking a screenshot in ZC that shows the subscreen area when the NOSUBSCREEN flag is enabled, by holding the ALT key when taking the snapshot.
  • Preserve the quest colours when taking a GUI snapshot in ZC Player unless the user holds the CONTROL key when taking the snapshot.
  • Fixed a crash reported by ywkls,that when trying to use the tile grabber on .qst and .qsu files, where the tile grabber would allow the user to scroll outside the bounds of the .qst tile buffer.
  • Fixed issues with playing some 2.10 quests, particularly HttH.
  • Fixed some bugs related to A+B and B-only subscreen quest init that prevented using the A-button item.
  • Fixed a crash when selecting 'Cancel' during ZScript compilation caused by a memory leak.
  • Added sanity guard to inline bool get_item(int id). This prevents some illegal access to gamedata.
  • Fixed possible crash and bad error message for Screen->Combo[] errors.
  • Slight timing fix to directItemA, for B-only quests.
  • Added copy/paste floodfill to the Tile Editor.
  • Added the ability to copy a tile block and overlay that to multiple tiles in the Tile Editor.
  • Fixed bugs when mass-overlaying tiles in the Tile Editor.
  • Make default cheat modkeys SHIFT, not CTL+SHIFT.
  • Added a new Quest Report type: Bugged Next-> Combos.
  • Added extra sanity guards and reports to Link->Warp, and PitWarp.
    Fixed a bug where custom quests would advance to 1st qsuest on winning them.
  • Added Game->IncrementQuest() for use by 6th entries that have custom credits.
  • Backported Rob's fixes for abc list size from 2.55.
  • Backported the Linux console from 2.55 to 2.53.1.
  • Fixed a long-term bug where A-button items fail to work after playing an A+B quest.
  • Fixed initialisation for forced_awpn, forced_bwpn.
  • Fixed a bug where the custom .sav file was being ignored if absent, rather than generated.
  • Writing Link->Equipment no longer resets on screen/Dmap changes.
  • Updated Zscript_Changes.txt
  • All file and other alphabetical listers now allow typing multiple characters to jump to an entry.
  • Backported ZQE minimap enhancements from 2.55.
  • Fixed ' not working in import/include directives.
  • Improved the efficiency of compiled ZScript.
  • Fixed ZVersion.zh
  • FIxed 'Use Pal CSet' tickbox in the Enemy Editor.
  • The emulation option for Old / Bugged Bush->Next+Flag is on by default for 2.50.3 or earlier quests.
  • Add H, S, L Hotkeys (Shift or Control) to Colour Picker.
  • Fix include paths ordering grabbing incorrect files.
  • Added the .zdoors file type, import and export doorsets.
  • Backported Link->Eaten from 2.55.
  • Fixed some header guard issues and crashes.
  • Added sanity bounds and error logging to Screen->Combo*[pos].
  • The console now shows more metadata for quests.
  • Fixed a clash between Tile Warp and Warp Ring dialogues.
  • Added fire effect to new AGN logo.
  • Added new splash logo by King_Aquamentus, and new splash audio by stk13.
    • This means that the build has a new zelda.dat file. This .dat file and the old .dat are incompatible.
    • Warning: If you use the new .dat with an older version of ZC Player, or the new zelda.exe with an old zelda.dat, it may crash. Do not mixand match these new files!
  • Fixed vine tiles on story scroll and updated qst.dat.
  • New ghost.zh, version 2.8.12.
  • Fixed a trace logged when creating dustpile sprites.
  • All roomtypes now allow a 'Generic Catchall' set via the menus.
  • Fixed the 'Item 2' and 'Item 3' counter subscreen elements.
  • Fixed .ZCOMBO files corrupting due to combo animations.
  • Make ZASM errors for scommand printf format %lu, not %ld.
  • Fixed the DMap Selection window not drawing a preview or other data.
  • Experimentally Allow setting all item pickup flags. None are blocked.
  • Disabled include/import logging in the compiler output window.
  • Made header guards strict, to match 2.55.
  • Updated std.zh to 1.5012, adding remchr(*ptr).
  • Updated copyright year to 2020.
  • Added TheRandomHeader v2 to ./headers.
  • Fixed a bug where traps repeatedly set the screen flag temporary no return.
  • Fixed bugs in the input dialogues.
  • Removed clipped decimal map ID in small mode.
  • Fixed a sanity check in float Distance(int x1, int y1, int x2, int y2, int scale).
  • std.zh now uses #include, not import.
  • Properly report script exit.
  • The include directive now scans inlude paths first, and root last to atch 2.55.
  • Fixed Daira enemies in qst.dat.
  • Optimised Zscript function calls to use one fewer opcode.
  • Fixed a bug with ->Next combos and screen secrets.
  • Added header guards and a ZScript Copiler settings dialogue.
  • Fixed a possible crash when saving MIDI files from ZC Player.
  • Clear the panel recent screen buttons when creating a new quest.
  • Clear the panel recent screen buttons to prevent crashes from invalid maps.
  • ZScript Dialogue: Import is now Load (hotkey 'L'), to match 2.55.
  • Display both hex and decimal numbers for the screen.
  • Display colour in tile editor as hex.
  • Fixed a memory leak caused by mirror-reflected weapons.
  • Fixed potions killing ambient screen sounds.
  • UI and Help Improvements, and fixes.
  • Added Isabelle Chiming's Z1 and Z2 NSFs, plus license in ./music
  • Added include paths: 'include', 'headers', 'scripts'.
  • Updated headers and qst.dat (buffer) to call '#include'.
  • Fixed a crash when working with .ztile/.ztileset files.
  • Fixed new quests not logging game events by default.
  • Revised .zdmap format, and added the ability to import or export sets of dmaps in one file.
  • Revised Import and Export menus a bit.
  • Fixed bugs when working with combo alias mode (arrows, scrolling with hotkeys).
  • Fixed TF drop in Ganon rooms with conveyors (...but, WHY?!)
  • Minor fixes to Ganon respawn and ashes spawn.
  • Fixed negative layers being rendered improperly in ZQuest.
  • Fixed (none) list positions.
  • The parser now gives wrong version errors if you use 2.55-specific / reserved tokens.
  • Added simplified #include directive and alt tokens to the lexer.
  • Fixed default cursor sizes.
  • Updated .ztheme files, std.zh, ghost.zh, tango.zh.
  • CRITICAL: Fixed crashes if you set compiler SFX to 0.
  • Added block comments and some alternate tokens to the lexer.
  • Fixed errors in zscript.txt, now v0.7.6.
  • Fixed crashes when saving files with very long paths.
  • Fixed an off-by-one error in .ztile and in .ztileset load/write.
  • Added .ZMOD in a new 'light' format for 2.53.1.
  • Refactored .DMP int .ZDMAPSET.
  • Refactored full tileset import and export, adding .ZTILESET.
  • Added .ZTILE, .ZNPC, .ZDMAP, .ZCOMBO, and .ZALIAS file types.
  • Fixed an issue that caused Malwarebytes to false flag ZC.
  • Added scale options for the mouse cursors.
  • Added .ZITEM individual item save/load to the Item Editor--UPDATED @17:37GMT.
  • Updated ZCL to 2.8.0 with new zc.cfg options, and which handles loading user theme/skin files.
  • CRITICAL: Fixed a bug where very old ghosted enemies were rendered invisible.
  • CRITICAL: Fixed a bug that caused zc.sav to be eaten.
  • Added hotkeys for Level palettes and Fixed Incorrect (violet) Level palette mapscreen grid display.

Primary Developers: Gleeok, Grayswandir, Venrob, ZoriaRPG

The latest, in-development version of ZC. This version introduces Modules to both the ZQuest Editor, and ZC Player, and it introduces many new features, including script types for weapons, enemies, Link, and DMaps, more graphical capabilities, and general expansion of all ZQuest Editor capabilities.

Change Log Source Code ZCLaunch Source Code

You are now able to do things such as making larger enemies, giving items pick-up strings, and more, purely using the editor, without scripts.

Note that the download size is rather large, because it includes many test quest files, along with three modules (Classic, Default, and Expo). Eventually, the Classic module will be separate, DLC, and the Default module (when complete), will be the primary module included with ZQuest Creator.

Modules Downoads

DefaultZelda ClassicDemoPhantomMenace Expo 2018Module Tools

There may be some bugs along the way, but we fix them as they occur.

For a taste of things to come, please feel free to try 2.55 today. The development team fully-supports developing new quests in these Alphas.

Updated on 18th March, 2021 @ 18:36 GMT

Many additional bugfixes and improvements.
Added the ability to set ZC Player resx to multiples of 256 for CRTs, with uniform scaling.
Added the ability to assign up to four button slot items with new button items X and Y
Added Hero->ItemX and Hero->ItemY, and updated SetItemSlot for the new slots.
Save format is now Version 18.
<std 1.7114> Added enum slottypes with constants ITM_SLOT_* for all four slots.
Updated <ghost3> to Alpha 9.
Fixed a huge error with ZScript Settings dialogues where options were off by one.
Added docs for the Tile Editor.
<std 1.7113>: Additions and improvements.
Added GetComboScript to match GetFFCScript &c.
Moved string functions atoi, itoacat, xtoi, and xtoa to internal. Old ones are now in std::string.
Reduced memory leakage in compiling scripts and sped up compile time.
Fixed piercing issues when setting weapon type in the item editor.
Added script access to directory lists and general dir access to ZScript.
Added Octal and Long to ZScript.
Fixed npc script Daira.
Fixed New hero movement clipping through combos.
Added npc->Halt, npc->fading, npc->SlideClock
Added Game->STD[256], ->Tango[256]. ->Ghost[256]., for default headers to use internally.
Fixed a number of combodata script issues.
Fixed a number of issues with passing array pointers to internal functions.
Addednpc->HitDir , Hero->ClockActive, and Hero->ClockTimer
Fixed crashes with ewpn->GetByUID() and ArrayCopy

Added function prototypes/forward declarations to ZScript.
Added View->Layer 3 is Background, View->Layer 2 is Background to ZQuest.

Added a script quest instruction setting to cause Link's respawn points to match script-written EntryX and EntryY for Screen->Entry* with a Script Settings Rule.
Fixed the bug where Link's spin attack animation is misused when he falls into pits if he is holding a charged sword.
<std 1.7109> : Fix error message on invalid CanWalk directions.
Fix Keyboard Cheat Modifier Dialogue.
Updated Allegro to v4.4.4 (Lib file date 28-Sept-2020).
Added a special colour (teal) to water combos when drowning is off when viewing combo solidity.
Updated Classic.zh to v2.14, and added ./docs/Classix.txt.
Writing ComboD[] should now restart combodata scripts for the target id.
Fixed Linux console issues and Linux compile issues.
Writing ->CSet on Leever enemy types now also affects their submerged CSet.
The player can no longer change direction when stunned.
Fixed some crashes where non-NULL-terminated strings were passed to TraceS() and printf().
Added 'Snap to Grid' to FFC Right Click contextual menu.
Raised max deaths count from 999 to 65535.
Prevent hard crash when out of memory during compile ZScript.
Added dmap flag to allow fully custom item cellar and passageway enemies.
Added a number of extra features to TF fragments.
Updated classic_qst.dat with diagonal hookshot gfx.
Additional work on zscript_manual.rtf.
<std 1.7107> Added void HoldUpItem(...), and fixed enum HeroAction values.
Added a number of editor and script options to TF Fragment items.
All key types can now run scripts when used, within some limitations.
Added Diagonal Hookshot.
Fixed an issue where the SHOPCHEAT QR could cause subscreen corruption under very specific conditions.
Sparkle lweapons now run scripts.
Fixed BS Patra children reporting that they are cores.
Fixed ZScript logical errors with logical OR and logical AND, with negative values.
Fixed writing to dmapdata->Flags.
Enhanced Step->Effects with damage, sprites and other features.
Fixed Sideview Platform combo solidity and mechanics.
<classic.zh 2.13> Fixed script ChangeRoomGuy so that it does not treat NPC_FIRE as a room guy.
Added flag Split in Place to walking enemies.
Added the behavioral flag Centre Spawn to Gleeok enemies.
It is now possible to set enemy editor size attributes on some additional bosses but the outcome is possibly dubious.
Fixed splitting enemies splitting into one enemy.
Shallow water and tall grass combos now allow a step sound effect.
Added Combo Type Step->Effects.
Added Spawn No Enemies and Spawn All Enemies combo flags..
Fixed script draws in warps.
Show progress loading .sav file.
Show appropriate metadata when loading quests.
Added sanity guards to prevent Waterford.qst crashing.
Fixed memory holes in sprite enemy and mapscreen classes.
Refactored MIDI Patch Fix so that it works on modern OSes.
Added demo scripts hero script onDeath and global script F6.
<std 1.7106> Added sanity guards on all SetLayerCombo and GetLayerCombo functions, with warnings.
Fixed Palette Cycle dialogue.
Fixed crash on Options->Combos->2 dialogue.
Fixed combodata script scripts timing, and added Waitdraw support.
Fixed combodata script scripts setting their run condition without respecting layers.
Updated ffcscript.zh to version 2.0.1.
Fixed duplication of Enemy Editor Attributes[24] label.
<std 1.7105> Fixed a compiling error, and added constants for new npc types.
Hero->Stun was inappropriately sized as a byte; and I have now corrected it to be sized as an integer.
Jumping enemies (vire, pols voice) now jump properly again.
Reading combo labels by script (Game->GetCombo(') should now be faster.
Fix some weapon tile errors.
Added Module->GetItemClass(char32 *buffer, int itemclass).
Added the global pointer class Module-> to ZScript.
Added int Module->GetInt(char32 *section, char32 *element);.
Added void Module->GetString(char32 *buffer, char32 *section, char32 *element);.`
Fixed the script name reports in error messages, adding new types and correcting the offsets.
Using a function or a variable on null pointer will now give its on error message.
Fixed whistle wind warps.
Added lwpn->Special to ZScript
Changed the subscreen code so that if a script forces a weapon to A or B, that the subscreen does not refuse to display it when out of ammo.
Add access to dmapdata-> for dmapdata subscreen script variables.
Fix zscript string functions truncating at 256 characters.
<std.zh 1.7104> Added constants for minimum, maximum, and count of counter types. Fixed typo on IC_WPN_CUSTOM_* chain of constants.
Fix lexer state not clearing
Fix npc->LinedUp() return *10000
<std 1.7103> Added SHD_* constants for shadow types on strings.
Add shadows to DrawString as overloads.
Allow passive subscript to run during death animimation.
Fix multiple importstrs on one line not working
Fixed error messages for invalid GOTO type instructions.
Fixed possible crash on invalid GOTOtype instructions logging args order.
Epilepsy Protection is now set when you launch a NEW INSTALL of ZC, immediately prior to loading the player interface.
Reduced the amplitude of screen wave effects when epilepsy protection is enabled.
Add conditional include #includeif.
Add IS_INCLUDED() to check included files.
Enemy shadows no longer fall into pits.
This may need revision when we add larger shadows.
Don't allow *Bats* to slow to a step of 0 over a pit.
<std 1.7102> Update FFRules to v1.6
Added a rule under Options>>>Other>>>2: Instant Respawn on Death.
Flying enemies with a Z <= 0 ignore pits unless they are stunned.
The following bosses now obey spawn flags, if the Behaviour Flag 'Obeys Spawn Flags' is enabled:
Aquamentus, GleeoK, Patra, Gohma, Moldorm. Lanmola.
Enemies do not fall during spawn animations.
Floaters do not land over pits.
Lanmolas do not spawn inside pits: All enemies need this code.
Added Graphics->IsBlankTile[214500]; to ZScript.
Fixed fallthrough on dmapdata->MiniMapCSet.
Fixed logging message for dmapdata->MapTile, MapCSet.
Moving Pushblocks now respect Pits
Fix ->ReadChars() and ReadString() missing *10000
Fix various things having collision while falling and Link being vulnerable while falling.
Add ENGINE PITS! These have a lot of interaction with enemies, items, weapons, and Link.
Add new Link sprites; 'Drown' and 'Falling' are implemented
Fix issue with importing .zcombo files
Fix dmap subscreen script slot Waitdraw().
Add QR allowing passive subscreen script to run during opening wipes / potion refilling.
Add new features to printf now can use %02D' format.
Fix minus key shifting combos on screen.
Fix combo editor 'X' in titlebar not working
<std 1.7055>, added GetMapscreenEflags, ScreenFlag for mapdata, MapscreenFlags and GetMapscreenFlags.
Fixed bitmap->Create.
Added dmapgrid.zh, astar.zh, infostring,zh, nme.zh, and roomtypes.zh.
Added mapdata->SFlags[10].
Fixed issues with player jump height.
Added a rule to prevent scrolling while jumping in overhead.
Fixed inaccuracies in zscript.txt.
Fixed Warp() and WarpEx() ignoring DMap offsets.
Added FileSystem->Remove('filename') and file->Remove().
Fixed mathematical bugs in sprite->Step and legacy quest emulation.
Added the hotkey ? to display version information in ZQE.
Added speed modifiers to the Raft item.
The DMap editor will now remember your last used tile when setting Map tiles.
Added configs: PreFillTileEditorPage, PreFillComboEditorPage and PreFillMapPage to zquest.cfg, to allow easier GoTo hotkey command use.
Fixed bugs with taking snapshots in ZC Player and added modifiers to hotkeys.
Fixed a crash that occurred if you use the Tile Grabber on a .qst file and try to scroll beyond the end of the file.
Fixed critical issues with Step in scripts.
Disabled the rule qr_STEP_IS_FLOAT on quest load for quests made before this version.
<std, 1.7053> Added `bool HasHeavyBoots()`, and added constants for new combo flags.
Fixed issues in some 2.10 quests related to the ladder and one-tile water combos.
Can now automatically cause the select quest dialogue to open on entering a save slot name.
Added a Heavy flag to step combos, that requires a boots item with the Iron flag to trigger.
Fix combo scripts re-initializing every frame and crashes when using combo scripts on layers > 0.
Added <astar.zh> A* library.
More fixes to B-only and A+B item subscreen bugs that occur when shifting between quests.
Fixed LoadByUID functions or weapons and non-npc sprites.
Fixed a memory leak caused by aborting a script compilation.
Fixed some values related to Jump.
Fixed crashes relating to division by zero with Step, and with tribbling enemies.
Added option to emulate old Step values being truncated.
Prevent OOB array overflows when reading gamedata caused by faulty subscreen maths.
Fix enemies walking through walls.
Fixed a crash stemin gfrom Screen->Combo and mapdata->Combo error messages.
Fixed wallmasters not emerging from walls.
Fixed some issues with npc positions in scripts.
Enemies should now obey scripttile and scriptflip with Old Draw rule.
Various fixes to new String Editor and related QRs.
Added the config setting zc_menu_on_left to zc.cfg and to zquest.cfg.
Fixed main menu issues in small mode.
Fix fixed-point errors in the ZScript interpreter.
<std, 1.7051> Fixed the value for CF_SIDEVIEW_PLATFORM.
Added some new Favourite Commands and re-worked some existing commands.
Fixed printf() in ZScript wrecking negative float values.
You can now floodfill paste tiles after copying a single tile, in the Tile Editor.
Added the ability to overlay tile blocks in the Tile Editor.
Fixed mass overlay in the Tile Editor.
Added multi-jump to Feathers.
Rewrite the fix class used by Allegro. Now all float coordinates in ZScript are precise.
Updated ghost.zh to version 2.8.15.
Updated std.zh to version 1.7050.
Made sprintf and printf internal ZScript commands.
Added stricmp and strnicmp as internal ZScript commands.
Fixed swords not working after playing an A+B Subscreen quest.
Added Game->IncrementQuest() to ZScript.
You can now Import and Export all ZASM.
You can now use arbitrary files as read/write using file->.
Sped up array allocation in ZASM.
Added a Quest Report to easily locate buggy Next-> combos (with secret flags).
Added CONST_ASSERT to ZScript, and fixed some registration issues.
Fixed default cheat modifier keys to ensure that all keybindings are unique.
Add more copy/paste options to String Editor
Fix new combo animation respecting ASkipY and related issues.
Fix tile move not respecting ASkipX/Y
Added messagedata->TextHeight and messagedata->TextWidth
Fix the right 'Script Info' button.
Clean u script compilation error and warning output for pointers.
Add 'Clear' and 'Clear All' buttons to slot assign dialog.
Added Game->Reload() to ZScript
Fixed and updated the ZScript docs.
Fixed GetPixel() on Graphics-> and on bitmap->.
Fixed summoners not setting the ParentUID of their spawn.
Fixed ZASM corruption when compiling scripts with refVars.
Optimised drawing command ASM.
Added annotations to ZASM metadata.
Fixed issues with global script slots, and added global slot onSave.
Revamped bitmap-> allocation, and added Filesystem IO on file-> pointers.
Fix ripping tiles fro other quests changing or clearing QRs.
Added new string editor features to set portraits, text offsets, complex backgrounds (with option for translucency).
You can now type multiple letters to find items in alphabetical lists.
<std.zh> v1.7049.
Major optimisations of ZASM generation from ZScript files.
Added ZASM Metasdata.
Added zstruct type to ZScript.
Added .zdoors and Import/Export Doorsets.
Redesigned the Palette Editor, adding the ability to manually enter values.
Rewrote the NO_ERROR_HALT system.
Invalid tiles are black with an X, not colour of pal index 0.
ZVersion v0.7.3; fixes compiling issues.
Fixed the ability to set/unset 'Use Pal CSet' on enemies.
Updated ghost.zh to 2.8.14.
Added the SCC GOTOIFSCREEND that accepts dmap, screen, d reg.
Added sanity guards, fixing obscure crashes when using Screen/mapdata->Combo[]
Added the ability to call the Pick Ruleset dialogue at any time.
Fixed enemy oTile bugs.
Removed ANIMATECUSTOMWEAPONS and forced it off at all times.
Added combodata-> ars for new combo anim/tile/clock/frame.
Revamped QR rulesets, fixing bugs where rulesets were set changed, when you saved a < 2.55 quest.
Fixed combo cycling animation.
New variable Hero step speed.
New combo animation engine.
New logo and splash screen.
New 'Modern' Quest Rule Template.
Added Hero QR Dialogue.
Fixed a clash where Tile Warp and Warp Ring Dialogues corrupted one-another.
Revised the aesthetics of the ZQE screen selection grid.
Added custom SFX to Step>Secrets combo types.
Made Subscreen Counter Object 'Item2' and 'Item3' fields work as originally intended in 2.50.
Fixed a crash using NO_ERROR_HALT with undeclared constants.
Added tokens ~~ and ~= to ZScript.
Added case ranges to switch-case in ZScript.
Added sram.zh
Fixed the DMap minimap preview in the Select DMap dialogue.
Added combo scripts.
Various Combo Editor Enhancements
Fixed a crash when using Generic combos with IDs > 255.
Updated combos.txt to v4.
Fix Byrna beam orbit positions.
Added Waitdraw to npc scripts, and to lweapon scripts.
Added npc->Random.
Fixed a crash when using array literals.
Fixed header guard filename imprecision.
Fixed enemies with Animation Type 'None' animating.
Extensive upgrades to the Combo Editor.
Removed duplicate std.zh from root.
Fixed fire weapons from red candle and other bugs with wFire->Level.
Added Quest>>Rules>>Weapons>>All Dialogue
Added QRs for angular weapon and mirror interaction.
Updated std.zh to v1.7020, adding weapon.zh and 'namespace weapon'.
Added eweapon script 'addtwoangularshots'.
Added eweapon->Level
Added MakeBlockable(ew), MakeUnblockable(ew), and Duplicate() now clones wpn->Level
Added tiumezone to Module metadata.
Floor() and Ceiling() are now internal.
Added functions to resize a ZScript int to signed/unsigned 8-bit and 16-bit values.
Fixed combo animation during onLaunch, onF6, onDeath, and dmapdata subscreen scripts.
Fixed Link's tiles not working on extended tile pages.
Tile Editor now displays the current colour in hex, in addition to decimal.
Fixed a memory leak caused by mirror-reflected weapons.
Fixed potions killing ambient sounds.
Minor fixes to Weapon Type for lweapons.
Fixed case sensitivity on header guard filenames.
Added Time.zh and Bitmap.zh to ./include
Emulated Weapon Types now trigger secrets.
Fixed all known issues with Weapon Editor>>>Weapon>>>Weapon Type (Weapon Type Emulation)
Critical: Fixed crashes when creating eweapons with invalid types.
Expanded internal Help.
Added Module metadata.
Various UI improvements.
Improved ZASM ebugger, and monchrome option for ZScript Debugger.
Added Breakpoints to ZScript.
Sprite limits are now variable.
Added Isabelle Chiming's Z1 and Z2 NSFs, plus license in ./music
Added new enemy flags for behaviour and drawing.
Fixed bugs with using Waitdraw() in item scripts.
Added dropsetdata to ZScript.
Fixed arrows/page hotkeys in combo alias mode.
Added ->Gravity[] to ZScript
Fixed and added some combodata variables.
Fixed some issues with the DMap Sideview flag.
Fixed visual bugs when using negative layers in ZQ Creator.
Added logical xor to ZScript, plus fixed a crash from NO_HALT.
Fixed a crash when setting compiler SFX to 0.
Updated Classic.zh to v2.12, fixing some compilation issues.
Numerous fixes to Import/Export files.
CRITICAL Fixed crashes on saving files with long paths.
Added the ability to load sprite objects by UID, and added eweapon->ParentUID.
Fixed compatibility issues writing npc->Defense[NPCD_SCRIPT].
Fixed and added screenshot options.
Fixed shadow QRs for weapons and items.
Added the ability for npcs to fire Custom/Script eweapons.
Added more QRs for offscreen weapons. You can now have all weapons move offscreen.
Added EWeapon script to allow any enemy to fire lasers (.zs and .zasm).
Added Logical Xor to ZScript as '^^'.
Updates and fixes to combodata, dmapdata and added Game->Gravity[].

Latest Stable Release, Released October, 22nd, 2015
Primary Developers: DarkDragon, Dark Nation, Gleeok, jman2050, Joe123, _L_, pkmnfrk, Saffith

ZC 2.50.2 is deprecated by 2.53.Per-platform support for 2.50.2 ends when a final build of 2.53 is released for that platform. Please note that as of MacOS X v10.15, Zelda Classic will no longer run on Mac OSX, due to Apple deprecating 32-bit software support, OpenGL,Quarts, QT Libs, and requiring all apps to be certified by Apple.

We cannot support ARM, or similar CPU architectures, nor can we support Android or iOS.

Please come back on a PC to download the game for Windows, Linux, or MacOS.

The latest Linux version of Zelda Classic. This version is packed with new features such as an enemy editor, item editor, scripting, and more. This also includes a better, larger interface with more features.

The latest MacOS version of Zelda Classic. This version is packed with new features such as an enemy editor, item editor, scripting, and more. This also includes a better, larger interface with more features.

This now includes a MacOS X build of ZCLaunch.

The legend of zelda for mac

The greatest game ever created by Nintendo is now available for OS X computers. Thanks to a team of programmers, Legend of Zelda Breath of The Wild Mac OS X can be played on any Macbook and iMac worldwide. All you need to do is to pass the security verification and download this awesome game. From the button below you will be redirected to the download section. There you must complete a simple verification to prove that you are human. A lot of people tried to break our website or steal from it… that’s why we have implemented a security measure to keep it safe. So, pass the verification (it takes less than three minutes) and proceed with the Legend of Zelda Breath of The Wild Mac OS FREE download.

This game is categorized by critics as one of the best RPG-Adventure games for Mac ever made. It received almost only 10/10 and 5 stars reviews. It was released on March 3 and the players from all around the world have gone crazy. This new title in the Zelda series has reached a top-level. The open-world environment is one of the best features of this game. Very detailed graphics and a great physics engine for gameplay are also some great features of Legend of Zelda Breath of The Wild Mac OS X. Below you can see just a little example of how incredible this game is. If you are not convinced yet, download Legend of Zelda Breath of The Wild for Mac OS and try it right now!

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Legend of Zelda Breath of The Wild

Legend of Zelda Breath of The Wild
– macOS Minimum System Requirements –

Zelda For Mac Ocarina Of Time

CPU:Intel Core 2 Quad / AMD Phenom II X4

Zelda Background For Mac

CPU Speed:2.5 GHz

Zelda Macarena Of Time


Zelda For Microsoft

OS:OS X 10.10
Video Card:Intel Iris Graphics / AMD HD5870 / NVIDIA GTX460
HDD Space:19 GB

Zelda Classic For Windows 10

NOTE: This game is FREE TO DOWNLOAD, but to get access to this game you need to create a FREE account (more details on the download page). In this way, you can download all the DLC packs for this game and a lot more games and software for your Macbook/iMac.

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